Alphyn’s patent-pending AB-101 platform biomaterial has over 40 bio-active compounds to target and cure diseases.  AB-101 provides multiple ways to attack each disease, leading the way in a new class of drugs – Multi-target Therapeutics.  Alphyn’s initial products solve two of the most significant medical challenges to humankind – infectious skin diseases, including drug-resistant infections, and skin cancer.

Science graphic against scientist holding a test tube


  • The CDC considers MRSA one of the biggest threats to human health; the topical drugs of choice for treating MRSA are 30 – 80% ineffective and growing more so
  • Basal cell skin cancers comprise 80% of all skin cancers; their treatment can be complex, lengthy, painful, and result in ugly scars


Alphyn’s topical therapies work!

Initial human use has successfully demonstrated:

  • Success in humans treating and eliminating MRSA drug-resistant skin infections
  • Success in humans treating and eliminating basal cell skin cancer
Science graphic against scientist holding a test tube
Alphyn Competitive Advantages_1

Alphyn’s AB-101 Platform Biomaterial has Efficacy & Resistance Advantages:

  • Greater efficacy because Alphyn products are applied directly to diseased tissue
  • Greater effectiveness and reduced resistance (for both bacteria and cancer cells) because multiple components and mechanisms provide multiple pathways to fight infection and cancer