Alphyn is creating and leading the new class of drugs
known as Multi-target Therapeutics

Alphyn Biologics, LLC (Alphyn) is creating and leading the new class of drugs known as Multi-target Therapeutics, leveraging its unique, patent-pending AB-101 platform biomaterial to develop improved therapies for diseases, in particular for those with poor or no treatment options.  Alphyn’s AB-101 has over 40 bio-active compounds to target and cure diseases.  AB-101, as a result of its many bioactive compounds, targets multiple diseases, and, has multiple ways to attack each disease providing Alphyn a rich and deep product pipeline.  Multi-target Therapeutics gives to AB-101 advantages in product effectiveness and cost and time to FDA approval.  AB-101 initial product, MRSA-1, solves one of the largest medical challenges to humankind – infectious skin diseases, including drug resistant infections.  MRSA-1 is actively moving to the Phase 2 clinical trial.  Alphyn’s management team, boards and commercial partners are highly experienced and successful in life science early stage and large companies.

Alphyn’s AB-101 started with Dr. Pekoe’s work as team lead for the development and FDA approval of Bactroban® (generic name mupirocin). In the years following, Dr Pekoe continued his interest and research in skin diseases. It was in this work that Dr. Pekoe identified and began testing AB-101, finally bringing a team together to create Alphyn Biologics for development of a new class of drugs, Multi-target Therapeutics, using AB-101 to create powerful new drugs for disease with no or less than optimal treatments.